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Investor (Hong Kong)

“Thank you for buying a development site and sharing you knowledge of property development with me. Without your help, I would have never thought about and bought development site. “

I am glad that I didn’t buy that off the plan apartment that I was going to buy before I hire you

Nik D.

Commercial Carpenter (NSW, Australia)

“Sourcing properties is always a difficult and stressful process, though team at Be Developer has helped me source the best properties with the right criteria to create a strategy that would increase my portfolio to achieve my goals. They even negotiated the best possible price for me. Its always good to have a professional on your side. Thanks for helping to create strategy that will allow me to buy more properties. ”

Can't wait to work with Be Developer again!.

Bijju O.

Investor (Singapore)

“As stressful as it is finding investment properties especially when you are not in the country, i would not hesitate to recommend the services of Be Developer.  I was looking for an investment property but needed some expert advise and someone who had the knowledge.  Be Developer came across as very knowledgeable and understood what i was looking for.  Their consultation helped me also think in different investment strategies.  Be Developer helped negotiate, connect me with right people and always stayed in contact till my investment property was on the market looking for tenants. "

Never came across such exceptional service and the price for such service was totally worth it in the long term. Thank you Be Developer for helping me add another feather to my investment portfolio.

Phil M.

First time property investor

“Thanks for answering my all questions and giving me crash course on property development. I am glad I bought DA approved development site (for 5 townhouse) as my First investment property”

I am glad I bought DA approved development site (for 5 townhouse) as my First investment property

Xing M.

Property investor (China)

“Perfection, Precision and execution that resulted profit for me in 6 figures within 4 months.. Be Developer you are the best!!!!!!”

Zoning change= $$$$$$ for property you bought for us

A Sharma

NSW Property Investor/Developer

“I would like to thank you for the professional service in finding a development site in record time. What may have taken months to achieve on my own has been achieved in weeks. Team at Be Developer knows the different market very well and also understands zoning which helped to pick up development site with great potential margin. Keep up good work mate! ”

What may have taken months to achieve on my own has been achieved in weeks.

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  • Week 1Week 1

    Client approaches team at Be Developer with view of securing a development site. After initial consultation, we came to conclusion to look for multi dwelling potential development site.
  • Week 3Week 3

    Our expert property researcher finds a suitable site. Client attends an auction and has winning bid at auction. Due to current market movements, client paid more than he anticipated. However, we knew and advised client “up to what amount project will be still feasible” Client enters in to un-conditional contract at auction with 90 days settlements.
  • Week 4Week 4

    Client instructed us to organize Planning Permit for purchased site, and ask for our recommendation for lender that will fund 4 townhouse.
  • Week 7Week 7

    With our help client lodges planning application with council to develop 4 upmarket town house.

Total project cost $2.6M

Anticipated sale price for 4 townhouse: $3.2M to $4M

Project duration: 18 to 24 months