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Client: S Afreen

Project: 4 townhouse Development

Location: Baulkham Hills, NSW

Our Involvement: Construction Certificate, Project management, marketing

Brief Detail: Client secured DA approved site and engaged our services for obtaining construction Certificate, project management and prepare the project for Marketing.

Website: www.tribecatownhomes.com.au

Project: 4 Townhouse

Location: Eastern suburbs, Melbourne

Our Involvement: Sourcing the site, planning and building process and project management

Brief Details: Client engaged Be Development to source suitable site for 4 townhouse. Be Developer is currently assisting client for building and planning permits.

Project Numbers: Total cost: $2.6 M , Projected End Value: $3.2M - $4.0M

Client: Ping

Project: TBA

Location: Salisbury, QLD

Our Involvement: Sourcing the suitable site and Project Management Brief Details: Client engaged Be Developer to source site under $500k with view of manufacturing growth through Property Development

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Our Own Current Projects

Location: Thomastown, Vic


4 Townhouses

Brief Details: Demolish existing House and Build 4 Townhouses.

Details: www.antilla.com.au

Location: Bentleigh East, Vic

Project: 3 Story Apartments; (Currently working on Designs)

Brief Details: Knock down existing house, Build 3 story, plus Basement apartments

Project Numbers: Site Acquisition cost $1M, End value TBA

Our Recently Completed Projects:

Location: Western Sydney, NSW

Project: Build 2 story Duplex on vacant land

Brief Details: Obtain DA for Duplex on complicated site, Build Duplex. Retain/sell

Project Numbers: Total cost $880K, Resale : $1.2 Million

Location: South Turramurra, NSW

Project: Knock down existing house and Build 2 luxurious homes on block

Brief Details: Source suitable site for client as per requirement and Project Management from concept to Keys

Project Numbers: Total Cost: $2.1M, End value: $2.7M in Year 2014(our client didn’t sell)

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Our proven results speaks for itself, take a first step by calling 1300-580-821